Patterson Perspective specializes in strategic solutions for teenagers, young adults, parents, and educators through speaking, consulting, books, resources, and coaching with individuals and professionals. 

My mission is to provide and/or orchestrates strategic and comprehensive supports for adolescents, parents, and educators in the form of speaking, coaching, consulting, and writing. I firmly believes all students and school systems can thrive when provided with the correct structure, innovation and love. 

Through speaking, I bring my approachable, comedic, deeply personal and anecdote-driven style to all events, big or small. From formal keynotes to intimate parent and student events. I released my first book, “The Assertive Parent,” in 2018. Drawing from my years of experience, “The Assertive Parent” is a compilation of hacks, tools, and strategies. My most recent book is “RECOVER[edu]: A Communication Guide for Addressing Mental Health in Schools”. RECOVER[edu] is a conversation-starter, a communication-driver, and an awareness-builder. We talk a lot about “talking about” mental health, but that’s often where the conversation ends as the tone of discomfort surrounding mental health often leads to silence. 

Patterson Perspective offers a fully customized coaching program for both teenagers and their parents. Based on each client's specific needs, a unique action plan is carefully drafted.

I've dedicated my life to education and helping children discover their authentic sense of self. 

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