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Fully customized coaching programs for teenagers, young adults, and parents.

Based on each client's specific needs, a unique action plan is carefully drafted and implemented using practical, relevant, and intuitive tools and strategies. Clients are guided through a collaborative and thoughtful process, where they gain and strengthen transferable skills which foster opportunities for future success throughout their educational and professional careers. 

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Desire a better handle on prioritization and academic success 

Seek mentorship and direction regarding social and family relationships

Want assistance with the college search and application process

young adults

Current high school students who

Seek to capture more time and success both academically and socially

Will benefit from an accountability partner for time management and prioritization

Are ready to explore the next chapter of their life (think internships, travel, career) 


Current college & graduate students who:

Want to increase their workforce readiness

Seek support with the ominous job search process

Desire to better understand their path and realize their full potential


Emerging Adults who:

Want to reshape their approach to parenting 

Seek a fresh perspective when it comes to best supporting their children 

Desire to partner with an expert in a judgment-free environment

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During my twenty years in secondary education, I've served as an English teacher, tennis coach, student council advisor, high school assistant principal, and currently serve as the director of education for a therapeutic high school.

I launched Patterson Perspective Inc. in 2017 to deliver innovative support for teenagers and young adults within the academic and social realms. I provide adolescents and their parents with the necessary tools, resources, and strategies to achieve their defined objectives.

Having persevered through my own struggles with mental health and addiction, I'm extremely passionate about advocacy work and getting involved in channels that best serve today’s youth. When I'm not in the office, you can find me coaching my children's various teams, taking daily mental health walks, and supporting the endeavors of those who have a similar passion for helping others.

I've dedicated my life to education and helping children discover their authentic sense of self. 

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We don’t give teenagers enough credit. Teenagers are smarter, stronger and savvier than we allow them to be in outdated educational and parenting models. It doesn’t have to be this way! Parents have the opportunity to become fluent in the language of teen, to channel their innate love for teenagers into a proactive, assertive parenting model that will inevitably instill opportunities for vibrancy, authentic success, and happiness for our teenagers.

Readers will experience a solution-oriented, judgment-free, plug-and-play resource that provides a framework for successfully modifying their approach to parenting teenagers.

A MUST HAVE book for parents of teens!

- mb

This book is already my go-to guide for parenting my teenage boys! Daniel Patterson has an extraordinary gift for relating to and understanding teenagers and parents. This is not a one-size-fits-all parenting book. It asks us to think about our own philosophy and values while providing strategies to help us parent from within the framework of our family. A MUST HAVE book for parents of teens!"

I thought I outgrew parenting books

- amy s.

As a mom, I thought I outgrew parenting books by the time my kids were out of diapers. But then high school came, and with it, a million new questions. This book is a great resource for parents with older children. It will make you examine your own lifestyle choices and guide you in ways to consider a solution from all sides before diving in. I highly recommend this book for anyone with kids who are starting to grow up because the older they get, the faster it all seems to come at you."

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